Steam cleaning carpets

How often should I get my Carpets Cleaned?

Chances are you vacuum weekly and blot up the occasional stain the kids leave on your carpet.


Unfortunately your carpet is probably far from clean because vacuuming only removes surface dust and dirt.

For a deep clean you need steam! Steam cleaning removes dirt, dust, hair and residue from carpets by deep diving to the base and extracting grime from both the roots and shafts of the carpet fibres. The steam cleaning process also removes allergens and microbes (think dust mites!) and sanitises the fabric. The result – clean, fresh and great looking carpets that are healthy for you and your family.

Residential carpets should be professionally steam cleaned every 12 – 18 months. This is especially true if you have children, pets or smokers in the house, and for high foot traffic areas.

Bettie’s Cleaning Solutions provides professional steam cleaning of carpets, rugs, upholstery, mattresses, curtains & tiles, leaving them hygienically clean and refreshed.

Our carpet cleaning specialists have the knowledge, training and equipment needed to gently yet thoroughly clean your flooring and furnishings. In fact, we believe we provide the best professional carpet cleaning service in Newcastle, Maitland and the Hunter Valley!

At Bettie’s, we follow a 12 step carpet cleaning program:

  1. Pre-inspection of all areas to be cleaned and identification of stains
  2. Deep commercial vacuum for soil removal
  3. Move furniture
  4. Pre-spray to emulsify and break-down traffic area soil and general spots
  5. Pre-spot difficult stains with a specialised solution
  6. Pre-grooming to agitate stains
  7. Soil extraction and full gentle steam clean with our cleaning machine
  8. Application of neutralizer to balance PH levels leaving carpets soft and fresh
  9. Post-spot of stubborn stains
  10. Grooming to restore pile height and assist drying
  11. Speed dry with our air velocity air mover
  12. Post-clean inspection.

So if you are looking for an exceptional residential carpet cleaning company that offers excellent customer service, think Bettie’s Cleaning!  Book now or call us on 0458 007 178.

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